How Important Is It To Have A Killer URL?

For any kind of website, the URL plays a very important role when it comes to its SEO. URL structure is crucial both for the people visiting the site as well as the search engines that crawl through it. It is important to make the URL perfectly SEO friendly so that they can conveniently explain the main content presented in a page. A powerful URL is also easily understood by the search engines. Therefore creating an excellent URL is considered a very important part of the SEO strategy. Although the search engines may not find it difficult to crawl through the URL and understand its content, average people may not have any idea about the specific content presented in the page. Hence it is always a good idea to create a URL structure that is perfectly SEO friendly.

There are a number of ways in which a good quality URL can be created. Some of them are discussed below in brief.

  • The most relevant keywords should be used in the URL so that it gets ranked highly.
  • A URL should be always kept short, crisp and to the point. By keeping the URL short and succinct, too much of jargon can also be avoided. This also makes it possible for the URL to provide sufficient context to the users while they are visiting the website or the web page.
  • Steer clear of spaces and symbols as much as you can. Percent signs, commas, hashtags and equal signs are known to perform specific functions. Therefore do not use them when you create URLs for your website.
  • When it comes to creating URLs that have numerous words, it is important to use dashes as they can act as separators between the words. Instead of using the underscores, you should mostly stick to dashes.
  • Do not use capital letters in your URL. While it is true that title case URLs can be rather convenient for the spiders to crawl and read, they can give rise to duplicate content issues in some cases. This is because some web browsers technically consider the capitalized versions as one version of the pages and the lower case versions as a set of different pages.

It has been found time and again that having a powerful URL can greatly improve the ranking of a website. Therefore it is important that you leave no stone unturned to create a killer URL for your website.