How Page Speed Plays A Major Role To Improve Google Ranking?

Have you ever visited a website where the pages take quite a long time to load? Then you must be well aware of the frustration that you might feel while visiting such a website. Slow loading web pages are one of the major reasons that lead to reduced traffic for a website. They also give the website a bad reputation due to which prospective visitors are going to avoid the website in the near future. Google also penalizes sites that take a lot of time to load. It is due to this reason that most website owners take a lot of pain to make sure that their websites are loading as fast as possible.

It has been found that most visitors get bored with a site if it does not open within the first 5 to 7 seconds. This means that slow loading websites that take more time than that are running the risk of losing their visitors to other competition websites. This can be very bad for a business that is hoping to make its mark against a highly competitive market. Whether a site is predominantly informative or has products and services to offer, such as ecommerce websites, it is necessary to make sure that it loads at the shortest possible time in order to ensure a positive user experience to the visitor.

If you are looking to make sure that your website and its pages have a fast loading time, you must get in touch with a reputed SEO agency in Bangalore that can work it out for you. A highly efficient SEO company can run a lot of tests before actually launching a website in order to make sure that there are no performance glitches. These professionals can also make sure that lightweight images with small resolutions are used so that they do not make the website heavy. A website that has a lot of heavy elements can take a long time to load. By making sure that such elements are not used, it is perfectly possible to speed up a website.

Consulting a professional SEO company based in Bangalore can be the best thing for you as they can recommend you smart solutions to speed up its loading time. They can also perform additional checks to make sure that your website’s performance is not hindered by any issues. It is due to such factors that their assistance is regarded with great importance.