An online web store up and running in no time designed and developed for your business with Magento - one of the most efficient e-commerce store management applications on the web.

Why Magento?

Magento e-commerce is proven to be one of the most efficient and robust e-commerce platforms with a host of features that come as a standard. A Zend framework development based on MVC architecture suits an online store requirement with security for data and transactions. It is no wonder that the application is acquired by Ebay offering cloud hosted and enterprise solutions.

Expert Implementation

Magento is also developed in PHP programming languge and our team has over 5 years of experience in PHP based web application development and at least 3 years in Magento based store development. Development of specific function, key integrations, security enhancements and vulnerability issues is well addressed and ensured that you are always getting the best from your e-store.

Process & Support

Our development process exploits agile methodology where you are always instantly updated on the progress of project with immediate checks to debug and requirements realignment. Our support goes hand in hand via Skype calls, e-mails, in-person meetings and phone calls. We are always available to ensure you get the best of our service in a professional manner.


Unlimited Customization

Like any other website development project, Magento design and functional customization is unlimited whilst in the design & development phase of the project. We want you to have that perfect e-store for your business and don't compromise any where!

Magento Features

Magento provides a host of features in it's community edition which equals the esterprise hosted solution. With main features like sales analytics, product cataloging and management, customer grouping and accounts management, orders and fulfillments management, single page checkout, SEO friendliness, Easy page management and a host of extensions to integrate payment gateway and shipping of your choice

Mobile Optimised

Optimized for all mobile devices to render your e-store responsively for all screen sizes. Our development is tested across multiple screen sizes and browsers to ensure the store works perfectly well on all devices.

Free Support & Training

When ready to go live, launch with your products cataloging straight from our test evironment to production is a hassle free manner. Whats more? We provide free 30 days support for any technical changes and/or issues from the date of going live. And, we also provide online training to get you acquainted with the management of your new e-store and eventually run it successfully.

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