Cloud Hosting

Hosting solutions are plenty, but value add is when it is managed and that doesn’t come cheap. Deploy your apps on Cloud with Amazon Web Services.

What is cloud hosting?

Assume you have a PC, now multiply it by 10 and network it. You have a pool of hardware resource waiting to be used. Now, dynamically map these ‘machines’ to act as on big system but with the ability to power on and off the selected machine. This as a server in the grand scheme makes up what is called as ‘cloud computing’ and when used to host applications, it becomes cloud hosting.

Expert Implementation

The simplest of the cloud architecture could be setup and running in under eight hours. This obviously calls for experienced personnel to be able to build the right stack and ensure security is not compromised at the same time. We have deployed many cloud instances for simple websites to e-commerce websites and large distributed architecture for complex apps.


Hosting on cloud with Amazon is on the fly and always readily available. It is simple, affordable, highly scalable, reliable, highly customisable, very secure and easily accessible. You are always in control of your systems and can monitor its usage very efficiently thereby letting you manage infrastructure costs effectively.


Defined Architecture

Infrastructure requirements understanding starts with setting the right mix of cloud resources that make most sense to meet the demands of your application.

  • Complete architecture definition
  • On demand scalability
  • Full stack setup
  • Managed cloud hosting
  • Servers in US, EU region, Asia-Pac & Australia
  • Cost estimation and approximates


Have your app up and running already and thinking of switching to Amazon Cloud? You can consult with us on it’s value add to your requirement.

  • All aspects of cloud deployment broken down
  • Easy low jargon explanation
  • Learn whilst it is deployed
  • Unbelievably low costs
  • Deploy with LAMP or LEMP stack

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