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A web development services is the cornerstone of maintaining a competitive edge in digital world. Website Development & Design is your first point tool that enhances your business image and offering to your target audience. Our expertisation in developing websites for any platform. At Prolore, we expertly configuration, upgrade and constantly support client confronting and endeavor maintenance to accomplish high change and conversion rates.

Our expertise to help you excel the competition, enabling you to reach your objectives with unmatched speed and excellence. We offer range of website development services, from designing unique E-commerce website, application, web base software and internet experiences utilising the most recent and reliable web technologies with responsive SEO-friendly website. This comprehensive methodology guarantees the upkeep of a secure, high-performing website, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core operations. They can confidently entrust technical aspects and website maintenance costs to the hands of experts.

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Our Web Development Solutions

We empower businesses with creativity and innovation, shaping your online success with cutting-edge technology and design.


WordPress is a simple and popular content management system (cms) solution used by 10 million websites. WordPress is a self-contained system where one can create a new page, blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. all without additional HTML or FTP software. Time spent on formatting is greatly reduced. The code behind WordPress is very clear and precise, it allows search engines to read and index a site’s content. You can also use tags to further enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

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Laravel is the number one PHP framework. It makes authentication straightforward and controls resource access. Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm that keeps data safe and secure. It handles routing, templating HTML, and authentication. Its extensive pre-installed authorization libraries create and support a variety of advanced features for your site, such as password reset and encryption.

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Magento is the most preferred open source eCommerce platform in digital marketing. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, catalog-management tools and latest web design trends. Magento allows an eCommerce store to freely select customization, hosting company and third party integration.

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An iOS Software Development Kits (SDK) integrates well-written programming codes. The full-suite software module includes code samples, libraries, documentation, technology notes, processes, and guidelines to build a prolific app. It helps apps to perform better and allows developers to incorporate new features and latest updates.

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Android is a Linux-based open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers. Android provides high-level service to windows managers, view systems, package managers, resource managers, etc. Android gives better performance for lower costs. The Java supporting feature enables developers to reinforce more features.

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Our Development Features & Approach


Scalability measures a system’s ability to increase or decrease the performance and cost in response to changes in application and system processing demands. Scalability is important, it contributes to competitiveness, efficiency, reputation, and quality. Scalability is classified as vertical and horizontal. Vertical refers to the computing power of the software like, database. It replaces the least powerful components with more powerful ones. Horizontal refers to adding additional servers that perform equivalent tasks in parallel. Considering, vertical is expensive, using both types ensures software with greater scalability.


Mobile First

Responsive web design (RWD) creates web pages that look good on all devices. It automatically adjusts on different screen sizes and viewports. RWD has potential advantages over developing separate sites for various device types. The use of one codebase makes development faster, compared to developing 3 or 4 distinct sites. It makes maintenance easier over time. RWD is future-proof, it supports new breakpoints whenever required.



Page load time refers to the duration between clicking the link to displaying the complete content from the web page. The core aspect to grasp page speed and website performance is the view time taken in delivering the requested material alongside the accompanying HTML content to the browser. Another aspect is the browser response to page load requests. The view of end-users as the requested website renders on the browser. This is often the empirical measure of page load speed. Website performance subsequently impacts rankings in search engines algorithms.



Website security is essential. It protects websites from unauthorized access, use, modification, destruction, or disruption. Effective website security requires design effort in web applications, the configuration of the web server, policies, creating and renewing passwords, and the client-side code. While all that sounds very ominous, using a server-side web framework will enable “by default” robust and well-thought-out defense mechanisms against several common attacks. An unprotected website is a security risk to customers and your business. It allows for the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on websites.


Performance Mindset

Every application be it a website or mobile Apps draws resources to delivery performance. For customer facing applications, our approach is performance oriented covering aspects such as speed budgets, server-side caching, CDN and Core Web Vitals. We recommend and implement necessary analytics tool to be able to track performance, both for your business and resource/cost optimisation


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