Content Marketing

Content outreach is a marketing strategy applied to increase brand awareness by producing and publishing engaging and result-oriented content on the owned, earned and paid media channels/platforms. Creating relevant and consistent content improves search engine rankings, provides great customer-to-brand experience and attracts the audience by their interest.


Create Any Type of Content

Flourishing business means capturing and holding the audience with creative content. Content has been the basis of e-commerce since its inception. Research by DemandMetric states that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.


Types of Content

Audience Segmentation:
Audience segmentation is a marketing strategy of identifying customers based on past purchasing behavior, key social channels, psychographic/ lifestyle segmentation. It lets you identify the target audience, create content to resonate with customers, drive up conversion rates, and earn customer loyalty.
Content Creation:
Content is the base of any marketing strategy. Effective content builds brand awareness. Apart from articles, it also includes planning, implementation, maintenance of relevant content, and different platforms to connect with the target audience.
Content Placement:
Content placement is a part of SEO strategy. It includes repurposing, recycling, and refining existing content to serve multiple objectives in parallel. It is important to place your content carefully, this increases search engine rankings. This increases the visibility of the content and boosts sales.