Social Media

Start conversations to activate your brand across social media. Engage your target audience with meticulously planned social media campaigns that align to your business objectives. Covering all social channels that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Blog networks and many more..

Social Media Strategy

An optimised mix of social media platforms, social apps and content delivery plan at the right times that work best and align to well defined campaign objectives. We develop comprehensive content creation and publishing structure under an umbrella of themes that are highly relevant to your niche and authority.

Social Media Management

The social media strategy in play that encompasses management of social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and many more where content is distributed and online communities are created for your business. This extends to ensure identifying possible crisis and a plan to mitigate such crisis. We deploy the best technologies and resources to engage your target audience.

Social Media Monitoring

Social is all about conversations and we monitor as many possible such signals on the web and not just the channels we manage for you. This is in turn used in evolving the content creation plan that match to the trends building up online. Further, a host of analytical metrics and data would be provided on regular planned intervals to understand the campaign performance.


Social Media Audit

We dive into your current digital social affairs to uncover the smallest of the social media signal relevant to your brand and business.

  • Examines your social profiles
  • Examines your site social friendliness
  • Spend budget recommendation & conversion estimates.
  • Identifies social signals and conversations
  • Identifies influencers for your niche
  • Consistency checks across web
  • Channel specific analysis
  • Identified sharing mechanisms
  • Content analysis

Strategy Implementation

With the objectives, content and strategy in place, we get onto promote and publish your content and work towards positioning you to be an authority for your niche.

  • Strategically times content distribution
  • Genre based community engagement
  • Supplemented content publishing across web
  • Integrated with paid search and social campaigns
  • Initiation of paid social campaigns
  • Cross channel content relevance

Strategy Definition & Action Plan

A social media strategy is developed in tandem with you to ensure only content that you intend to be visible gets noticed.

  • Define short term and long term objectives
  • Suggest the right mix of social channels
  • Setup spend levels for social media marketing
  • Setup engagement and crisis mitigation plans
  • Generate hight relevant and enticing content
  • Create opportunities for natural social sharing
  • Website enhancement suggestions
  • Social apps development plan
  • Integrate search and paid campaigns

Engage Target Audience

With content working for you, it is now time to ensure your audience have connected to the content and engage them with further related support.

  • Timely on-demand audience engagement
  • Follower intent identification
  • Inclusion of social discussions
  • Opportunities identification with conversation
  • Directional crisis resolution
  • Routing of crisis handling

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