Display Advertising in Local Search Engine

Display Advertising in Local Search Engine

How do clients benefit from display advertising in local search engine?

Niche marketing is something that companies use to target a very small part of a large population.

Local search engines, target a niche, in this case a city. People use search engines to find products or services in the local market. Now display ads when the ads are specific to a local area, customers would definitely click. See the example of this Facebook display ad. The offers here specific to India and it is also timely. Friendship day is coming close so Airtel has a display ad with a promotional offer. This is only one benefit, now let us see some more benefits for display advertising in local search engines.

Greater ROI

Return of investment, every dollar/ pound/ rupee spent can be used very accurately. Targeting is very specific with the case of display advertisements. When you look for a product like a camera, you want to find out how much it costs, where you could buy it and what its features are. With local search engine optimisation you can find the shop which is closest to you on the right hand side. From a client’s perspective, they spend less and get more traffic to their website. Geographical demarcation is easier online, so we are able to show the display ad only to a particular city.


Markets are now global, people can purchase products from across the globe, but at the end of the day we want in time and good quality.

The ads on the right side of the page are display advertisements, a promo of it is shown, and the price of the product and the link to it as well is shown.

Local search engine optimisation

Google Places is an application, where Google lists companies, with their contact details. This is a direct link to the customer, but this application is currently only available for phones. Display advertisements are shown on websites which are of similar genres. This works out more cost effective, re-marketing is done easier through this form of advertising.

This are only a few benefits from display advertising in local search engine, if you need help in local search engine optimisation do contact us.FacebookTwitterEmailShare