All You Need To Know About Google Algorithm Florida 2 Core Update

All You Need To Know About Google Algorithm Florida 2 Core Update

Tech experts around the world are saying that the latest Google algorithm update known as Florida Core 2 is a really important one. In fact, it is also being said that this is one of the biggest ones of its kind in the recent years. Earlier on, whenever such an update happened it meant that there were a lot of changes being made to how sites would be ranked. In fact, one update that Google did in 2018 was known as Neural Matching. So, it could be pretty reasonable to think that this time around too something on the same scale has happened.

What is the Main Aim Behind This Update?

This is a broad core update which means that Google is not really looking at any specific niche as such. There are no particular signals that are important over here such as quality of websites as such. Some people in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry are saying that Google is targeting only certain industries with this particular update. However, the likes of John Mueller from Google have been denying such reports constantly. In fact, the name broad core should tell you that this time around there is no specific target as such.
There is nothing specific that you need to fix as such. If you wish to be able to tackle the new update the best thing that you can do is to do away with notions that Google is targeting any niche or low-quality pages as such.

How Should You Respond to Such an Update?

There have been a number of websites that have been affected by similar updates done by Google in the past. A common thread in all these has been the way Google is looking to interpret various search queries.
This can surely have an effect on how pages are being ranked. There are several other factors that are important in this particular context and can affect the ranking of a page. One such factor is links. They remain a highly important factor as far as ranking is concerned.

What is a Broad Core Update Basically?

Broad core updates can be regarded as improvement on the overall algorithm of Google. The purpose here is to enable Google to understand web pages and search queries a lot better than what it is normally used to doing. With the help of these improvements Google is able to match the search queries in an accurate manner and this in turn makes sure that the user has a much experience and a greater degree of satisfaction.

Thus it can be safely said that the basic goal of these core updates has been improving the satisfaction levels of the users. As has been said already, Neural Matching was one such broad core update that Google did earlier. It did not target anything specific as such. It was simply looking for ways to make web pages a lot more relevant as far as the search results were concerned.

The main aim here was to make sure that Google would be able to answer a search query with lot more relevance.


There is a good reason why this particular update is being referred to as Florida 2. The previous update of Google named Florida was done during the early part of the previous decade. It was named so because its birth coincided with that of the Pubcon Florida SEO Conference. It is being said that this update would be coinciding with the 2019 Pubcon Florida Conference. The decision regarding the name was made by Brett Tabke, who founded Pubcon and WebMasterWorld.