How To Use Twitter For Guest Blogging Outreach?

How To Use Twitter For Guest Blogging Outreach?

I think guest posting is one of the most important strategy to get quality backlinks and to increase your blog readership.

What is guest posting?

Writing and publishing your articles on other sites in known as guest posting and if it is done in a correct manner, you can get a good relevant traffic to your site. In return your results would be more customers and clients.

Guest posting builds rapport

Being an excellent guest blogger and adding quality content value to other sites, you are building a great rapport with bloggers.

Group of bloggers building rapport over the internet, especially on social media sites like: Facebook and twitter. There are extremely authoritative, which make them to have good rapport with bloggers.

Find out opportunities on guest blogging with use of Twitter

Why Twitter? It is a great way to connect with bloggers in all kind of niche. It offers you to connect with different guest bloggers and its search features can help you find the correct bloggers. Additionally, you can “follow” guest bloggers to connect with them and have real time updates using hashtags which helps to measure the quantify of other person’s, company’s, brand’s impact on twitter.

The first thing you need to build a search strategy on guest bloggers or a niche you are looking for a guest post.

Example: My search strategy using following terms:

  • Guest bloggers
  • Seeking guest bloggers
  • Seeking guest post
  • Write for us
  • Looking for contributors

The good search strategy will help you connect with your target niche.

Second thing you need to follow them and share your tweets using hashtags, this will help to connect bloggers with different niche which can benefit you. This will also help you to convert followers, fans and readers of your blog, if you do it correctly.

Additionally, you can be a quality guest blogger, were people would like you to have a guest post done on their site.

Add value to other sites, be helpful, be patient and in the end you’ll make a mark on web.