Creating Adwords Campaign

Creating Adwords Campaign

How to create a campaign in Google Ad Words

Have you just recently started a website? Are you selling something or offering some service and you want to popularise it? Then an ad-words campaign is ideal for you! And it really isn’t tough! Ad words guides you step by step the first time.

Just how you would write a tag line for any other form of advertising come up with a f ew taglines and also about 20 keywords related to what you are offering, keep in mind your customer is going to use these keywords to find you.

A friend of ours recently made a web portfolio, he is a photographer who shoots weddings and other such events, and he wanted to expand his reach online.

Now he knows what he is good at and wants to start an ad words campaign. So he comes up with a few taglines- Capturing your life; Photographs Capturing Emotions, Emotive Photographer, Picture Perfect. Next he selected a few keywords- wedding photography, wedding photographer, events photographer, events photography, birthday photography, birthday photographer, outdoor photographer, outdoor photography, indoor photographer, indoor photography, party photos, party photographer.

Next he found out which websites does his customers visit, and from which part of the city or country they are from.

Steps of the campaign

After all this thought about, the campaign must be created on ad words. These are the steps involved-

  • How much are you willing to spend in a day or a month for this INR 1000 a day or more? Set a budget depending on how much competition you have. Each time your ad is clicked you have to pay Google these are called Pay Per Click Ads.
  • Now there are three categories you can choose from, text ads; text and picture ads and video ads. Now since the service offered is photography, a video ad or a text and image ad is better. A video ad is better now, you can have a slideshow of a few of your photos, and text can be added as well, these grab more attention. These ads are called online display ads.
  • After this you need to specify geographic location, websites and across what platforms or devices do you want this ad to be placed on. Also you can select the sizes of banner ads you want, check all of them its better, your ad can be placed in many websites with different ad sizes.

This is how you make an ad campaign in ad words; if you need help in making an ad campaign on ad words you can contact us.FacebookTwitterEmailShare