How SEO Will Change In 2019?

How SEO Will Change In 2019?

SEO is always going through a lot of changes and even in this year we can expect some new trends in this sphere. Reputed SEO agencies are coming up with different methods to boost the rankings of various websites for their target customers. Here are some of the new SEO trends that we can expect to see in 2019, as predicted by a well known SEO agency Bangalore.

Mobile friendly SEO

In 2019 and the coming years, we are going to find that mobile search inquiries grow in importance in a major way. This is particularly due to the advent of improved voice search as well as popularity of local SEO. Google’s decision to put mobile-first indexing as a top priority is definitely going to encourage web designers to come up with mobile friendly websites. Every site now should be well designed from a mobile viewpoint perspective and also be easily navigable in a small screen device. SEO professionals will now have to work overtime to re-frame their SEO keyword services and strategies so that a website is perfectly compatible with the mobile searches. As mobile devices are going to drive the online search market in 2019, it is important to come up with a keyword strategy that is in line with mobile friendly SEO practices as this can increase online visibility.

Technical SEO

Up until now, keyword SEO was used extensively since search engines mainly focused on content quality instead of content quantity when it came to provide the searchers with the best results. Due to the constantly changing algorithms of the search engines, the overall technical health of the websites as well as media has grown to be extremely important. Technical SEO works differently from keyword oriented SEO in that it involves the optimization of everything in a website which is not content. It can greatly help for a business owner to get the content of his or her website in this way as it can enhance the value of the website when seen from the visitors’ perspective.

Organic Ranking

The ranking of a website comes down to paid search versus organic search. Organic search includes all search results that come up when something is searched in Google. This form of search results depends on quality and type of content. Even though it is by far the most valuable and important form of traffic source, it takes sufficient time to gather such traffic. Paid searches, on the other hand, involves better ranking for companies that can pay for them in this year, we can expect organic search to increase in popularity since they are more cost effective than paid search.