How to increase organic traffic on your website

  • SEO
  • July 15, 2020

How to increase organic traffic on your website

There is no surprise to say that figuring out how to increase organic traffic is the ultimate goal of search marketing. A research data says that organic search drives 51% of all web traffic and 40% of revenue. Therefore search marketing teams continually aim to generate more search traffic.

If you Rank on page one for a keyword in a search engine, you’ll see organic traffic increase; rank in the top 3 positions or the featured snippet for that keyword, and you’ll likely see an exponential traffic jump. Fail to rank on page one, however, and the missed opportunity to drive bottom-line revenues will be tangible.

So let tell you some tactics that will undoubtedly help you increase search traffic and reach your marketing goals long-term.

Identify and Fix Non-Performing Content

The content that fails to help a site achieve its marketing objectives are termed as non- performing content. The non -performing content may not do any favours rather takes up crawl budge. The number of pages the search engines decides to crawl is limited. A lot of non-performing content in your site causes search engines get snarled up crawling the ineffective content and abandon the site before crawling the good stuff.

Identifying and eliminating non-performing content gives search engines enough budget to crawl the site’s most important pages and posts. This content can position better in the SERPs, winning more organic clicks long-term.

Find New Keyword Opportunities

Even the strongest keyword strategy probably has gaps in it. That’s just natural: New, relevant keywords emerge all the time, and adding new product features opens up new keyword opportunities. It takes time for content production to incorporate those opportunities into the keyword strategy.

That said, don’t just accept a gap-filled keyword strategy. Missed keyword opportunities can stymie organic traffic growth and give competitors an advantage. Identifying opportunities and building them into keyword strategy iterations will help increase both search traffic and brand visibility.

Optimize for Higher CTR

Positioning yourself on the first page is not the organic search traffic battle; you also have to convince searchers to click on your result rather than a competitor’s.
Optimizing for click-through rate (CTR) has a double benefit. It pulls searchers away from competitor sites and onto your own, increasing your organic traffic and sends positive signals to search engines: A high CTR is one way Google prioritizes search results.

Blog to Increase Ranking Keywords Fast

Blogging is one of the fastest ways to increase the number of keywords—particularly non-branded keywords—your site ranks for. Blog posts allow you to position your brand as an expert in your field with top of funnel information posts and gives you an opportunity to showcase your product to people searching for related information.
Blogging can also be relevant to your marketing funnel and B2B marketing stategy, filling the sales funnel with qualified leads off the back of gated content.
But blog content will only drive organic traffic if it answers real user needs. A blogging strategy that focuses on products or services alone will fail to resonate with searchers.

Exploit Site Architecture to Get Sitelinks

Site architecture plays a major role in how crawlers access your site and how human searchers navigate and engage with it. Crawlers won’t know which pages or posts are most important to your site if your site architecture is confusing. Users also might not find the information they need, causing them to bounce from the site. This, in turn, sends negative ranking signals to search engines, so your site drops in the SERPs.

Good architecture boosts organic traffic by positioning your site higher in the results and increasing the chances of having sitelinks featured in SERPs.

Dominate Featured Snippets

In 2016, Google introduced featured snippets. These enriched results aim to answer a searcher’s question directly in the results page, meaning that they never need to leave Google to find the information they need. Content and smart structure are key to increasing organic traffic with featured snippets. It helps you to push your competitor results down the rankings, gaining brand exposure.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to increasing organic traffic. Each market vertical, and each site within that vertical has to find their own approach to organic traffic growth. Plus, don’t rest on your laurels when organic traffic starts to grow; constant iteration and refinement are ways to keep competitors at bay in the SERPs.Find solutions to increase organic traffic from us and reach your long term marketing goals. Talk to us now !