Importance of Favicon for a website

Importance of Favicon for a website

Online business people know it is the little things that sets a company apart from the competition. There comes the role of a favicon. Do your company has a favicon?

What is a Favicon?

Favicon is a short form of favorite icon. Originally, favicon was used to distinguish in the list of favorites. Nowadays favicon serves different purposes as well. A favicon is a graphically square size image of 16*16 or 48*48 pixel, but 16*16px is standard. Some of the supported type of images are ico,png,gif and jpg.

Where is favicon located?

  • Topmost left side of the internet browser’s address bar for active pages.
  • In the bookmarked pages of your internet browser (small images or logos on the left of a bookmarked page)
  • in various open tabs of your active browser

What is the importance of Favicon for a website?

Favicon is not only useful for marketing and branding but also for usability.

  • Favicon helps to stand out from other websites : It is the era of internet and everyone browse different websites according to their needs and preferences. Favicon helps them in sorting out a particular website when user has opened several tabs in a browser. Our brain can remember images much easier than words. So, favicon help users to identify a website with a favicon on it.
  • Favicons provide brand awareness : We all know how a brand logo connects people visually and how important is a logo for a company. Logo gives meaning for a brand of what it is all about. Favicon is like a miniature logo representing the company which helps user to remember the brand website much easier and gives a brand awareness for the company.
  • Favicon helps to search easily in bookmarked pages : When a user visits a website and wants to remember it, they are likely to bookmarked it. Here, favicon play its role when the user wants to open a bookmarked webpage from the list. Favicon are easily visible and user can sort out the particular webpage with the help of favicon.
  • Favicons are easily identifiable in browser tabs : When a user opens several tabs in a browser, favicons helps to easily identify a particular webpage more quickly and easily instead of clicking and searching the webpage.

Remember favicons are for user experience, don’t make it fancy rather go for some distinct font related to your company.

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