Mobile SEO vs SEO For Desktop Computers

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  • August 22, 2015

Mobile SEO vs SEO For Desktop Computers

What is different in SEO for mobile devices and desktop computers?

The ratio of search traffic from mobile devices for the year 2012 has grown so significantly that the growth has reached 46% for some online retailers. And it seems that in the near future Google and other search engines will work with mobile search queries more intensively, since their number may exceed the number of queries from the desktop. Despite these trends, “mobilisation”- a number of brands still do not use search engine optimisation for their mobile sites and applications. Let’s take a look at the difference between search engine optimisation and optimization for desktop and mobile devices, and how to get the most out of these 2 forms of search engine promotion.

How SEO for desktop computers is fundamentally different from the mobile SEO?

A key difference between the two subspecies of SEO is to focus search queries and content in concrete form and specific mobile environment. Especially the use of mobile devices plays a significant role. Technical features of the mobile device, which is used to generate search queries. In particular, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of interaction with content and interface specifications of Smartphone.

The basic principles of search engine optimisation for desktop and mobile devices are identical, but the limitations and possibilities of the environment at the same time different. And because of its presence in the mobile environment should be built differently than you are used to do this for a desktop search. Most desktop query has a “long tail” with a lot of keywords and unique requests.

If our site ranks high in the search results of desktop search, the position in the search results of mobile search will also be high?

No! Nothing like that. Keywords for which your “desktop” site took the top position in the search results may not intersect with the most searches for specific mobile audience among your existing and potential users.
Even if your desktop versions of pages are well adapted to mobile search and display on mobile devices, it does not mean that the frequency of their display, available for queries and level of ranking in mobile search will be identical to the “desktop” search. To get success in “Mobile SEO” it must take into account the specifics of the major mobile platforms and behavioural profile of a portion of your audience that is actively using Smartphone for viewing sites.

What tactics marketers can use to optimise their position in mobile search results?

For a start – run your mobile site. Collect the best content and present it as part of a mobile site, optimise this site so that it is equally friendly for search engines, and for mobile users.

  • If you are trying to attract your mobile audience, first you should be really good at it.
  • You will have to understand that the mobile users can use it while moving and sitting as well.
  • You will have to face browser and content standardisation.
  • You need to understand mobile specific search phrases and categories.

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