Link Building Strategy Changed

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  • August 22, 2015

Link Building Strategy Changed

About Penguin 2.1

Penguin 2.1 is the 5th and newly released version from the Google. It’s an update to Google’s Algorithm to keep the spam out of the search engines. Prior to Penguin 2.0 version targeted only the links that affect the homepage of the websites. After the 2.0 version algorithm targeted the “deep linked” pages of the websites.

The new Penguin 2.1 version targets the deep links more aggressively and also that over-optimised and exact match of Anchor text are no longer crucial to Penguin 2.1. The earlier iterations of Penguin primarily targeted link profiles with exact or partial match links.

Reasons for the Penguin Attack

There are some of types of links that could play a part in the Penguin attack:

  • Naked URLs placed on podium which are not suitable.
  • Placing too many links on the same podium (with multiple anchor texts).
  • Excessive use of short blog posts to link back to the target page.
  • Non-essential pages created to deposit more content on the site and creating more internal links.
  • Links from low quality domains (which are permitted naturally).
  • Do-follow links from subsidised posts (they are examined as paid links).
  • Extravagant use of Do-follow links.
  • Spammed links acquire from directories, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, and forums.
  • Excessive priority on anchor text strategy, leaving a mark of suggest search engine exploit.

Strategies to Recovery from Penguin Attack

If the website is hit by the Penguin attack, the following steps will help you recover from the Penguin attack:

  • Stable your Anchor Text.
  • Identify and Remove Low Quality Links.
  • Until You Know How to Use Disavow Tool Properly, Don’t Use it.
  • Kill Non-essential Pages On Your Site.
  • Raise Branded Backlinks.
  • Concentrate on Audience Acquisition and Recovery.
  • Use The Genius Talent For Linking Advantage.

To recover from the Penguin Attack is possible, it can take months or more. Recovery, and SEO in general, is a process that demands both technical and creative skills. Hard work on the recovering process will help your website recover from the Penguin Attack.FacebookTwitterEmailShare