What it takes for a website and mobile app to do wonders on the internet?

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  • February 14, 2018

What it takes for a website and mobile app to do wonders on the internet?

With the rising trend of people all over the world using different types of web and mobile apps, using top of the line app development services have become quite common for business owners who are always looking for the best enterprise apps. While at one point of time most people only used web based apps, with the increasing number of people using smartphones these days, there is a great demand for mobile based apps as well. Every app aims to get the maximum business from its target audience which naturally results in a lot of intense competition. Statistics reveal that while there are literally millions of apps already in existence and many more are being developed every day, there are only a handful number of web and mobile apps that are getting the maximum profits.

The reason for this is that not all apps are build the same way and the user experience that one provides may differ greatly than that provided by others. A web and mobile app development company may choose one developmental strategy for a particular app and a different strategy for another one. This means that sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. However, there are a few things that have been observed to bring an app the success it is looking for in the online world. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Fast loading time

One of the first things that an app development company should keep in mind is make sure that the app has got a very fast loading time. It is a well known fact that mobile internet services are a tad slower than desktop or laptop internet services. Therefore you should make sure that the app operates fast enough with lower bandwidth. Typically, an app that takes anymore than 20 seconds to load is going to get the audience bored, after which they are likely to move on to a different app.

The registration process should be kept short and sweet

Any user looking to navigate through an app and use it for its functions will want it to be most convenient. Therefore if they find an app that comes with an extensive registration page for a first time user, they are likely to feel discouraged to use it. It is important that a first time customer feels that the app is easy to use, light and does not come with a lot of hassles. This means that the app should have only a short registration method that can be managed within a matter of seconds.

Apps should be kept light

It is important that an app is always kept light so that people might feel the urge to use it on a regular basis. A large app can take up a lot of space in the internal storage. They may also consume plenty of mobile data while downloading. Such factors may deter many people to download and use the app. Even if the app is actually good, the users may not really find it a good idea to download it due to its heaviness. Most people have to deal with limited internal storage issues, and while it is true that some apps can be installed and used from external memory, not all apps can offer such an advantage.

The app should be user friendly

The app should ideally come with a user friendly interface that most people can navigate and benefit from. There is no point in having an app if an average user is required to be technically savvy. It is always found that apps that are difficult to use eventually lose out on users.