What strategies to follow for local SEO?

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  • August 22, 2015

What strategies to follow for local SEO?

Nowadays, more and more companies have started realising the importance of being positioned locally for their website, but very few use techniques yet sometimes simple reference to local. But first what is local SEO?

Local SEO is “technical and actions aimed at positioning a website in the results pages corresponding to a localised engine type query”

Every company can finally find an interest in developing its visibility locally. A trainer practicing in India, for example, will focus on the local for a successful SEO strategy as contact outside India will not be exploitable. And a company to have a national market interest in completing its traffic from generic keywords by localised expressions.

But how to improve local visibility?

Below are some tips apply for and use according to its strategy and objectives. I will distinguish optimisations On Page (on your website) and Off Page optimisation that match your profile on other sites resulted in ties

Treat your storefront

Your site should be a showcase of your business and relaying of relevant, unique and regularly updated information.

  • Choose the right keywords that are generating traffic local to your business Think of your department, surrounding major cities. To help you in your search, see the estimates of Google with Google Adwords.
  • If you are targeting several cities, create dedicated pages.
  • If you have a blog Take the opportunity to include the keywords specified in Articles
  • Use Google Trends for geo specific searches.

Be Recognised

The popularity of your site is a very important element in the Google algorithm to define your position.

It is important to develop and ensure your online reputation. And that even at the local level.

  • Remember to register on local directories, the Yellow Pages or any local organisation that could speak about your business (hall, chamber of commerce, tourist …)
  • Participate in topics of local news sites and develop relationships with bloggers in your city or county.
  • Build partnerships at the local level such as sports clubs or associations. Guests can request links to your site in return.
  • Think of the social networks and try to find the leaders of opinion at the local level that will convey your Facebook status, your Tweets or any other activity. Play on the specialisation of social networks with dedicated content on each channel.

Take advantage of local Google+

Google maps via the Service seek to identify a maximum of addresses on the web. Formerly Google address, service merged with Google+ and therefore is now called Google+ Local.

  • Add a sheet for each of your locations associated with your website. If you are a franchise, it is advisable to add them all. Google offers a simple user guide.
  • Enjoy the options of local Google+ pages like adding your business information, photos, and videos. Google even offers the possibility to publish articles based on your news. Be many possibilities to add your targeted keywords and links to your site.
  • Choose the right keywords and the categories in which you want to appear.
  • Retrieve the opinions of your customers; they are important as a note will be displayed directly in the SERPs.
  • Encourage them to participate on your page by adding media (photos, videos …).

There are of course other ways to optimise your website’s local position, but hopefully you find these strategies also useful.

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