Celebrating Birthday By Planting Saplings By Prolore Team

Celebrating Birthday By Planting Saplings By Prolore Team

We thought of doing something different this time, hence on July 18, 2016, two of our tech team birthday was celebrated by planting some saplings on the street of Reengus in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We initiated a go green environment campaign on their birthday. Keeping true to our unflinching commitment to sustainability, our team took a step towards planting some plants and turning into a greener environment.

Celebrating our employees’ birthdays by Planting Saplings

Prolore, which has attained several milestones on its way to emerging as the top digital services company in India has consistently demonstrated a keen sense of responsibility as far as environment sustainability is concerned. Celebrating our team members’ birthdays by planting saplings was just a move towards strengthening our mission and vision – which is not only shaped by commercial gains but by our responsibilities as citizens as well.

Our commitment towards environment sustainability

We are proud to have done this. This, we believe, is way to prove not only to the world but to our esteemed employees as well that we stand by the values we preach or try to inculcate. Environment sustainability has been one of the best business practices adopted by us. We always abide by basic sustainability norms:

  • Minimal use of paper
  • The Three ‘R’s- Reduce, Recycle and Reuse
  • Reduction of carbon footprints

Constant support from our team

Our efforts towards sustainability wouldn’t really have been possible without the constant support from our team. Our employees have endorsed our objectives in the best possible manner by working relentlessly for their fulfillment.

And… we celebrate!

So, on this auspicious day, all of us gathered together to do what we thought would best comply with the belief that binds us – i.e. a belief that we would be able to make way for a better world for our kids even by taking small steps.
We look forward to more such “green” efforts in the coming days. That’s a promise we’re not going break – be in revelry or in sad times.