#FunFriday: Interesting Facts about Web Development That Will Blow Your Mind

#FunFriday: Interesting Facts about Web Development That Will Blow Your Mind

One of the first mind-blowing facts about web development is that websites are rendered in various manners by different browsers. A website always looks different on Google Chrome when viewed from your home computer compared to how it looks on Safari in your iPhone. Now you might want to know why this happens. This is dependent on factors such as parsing and rendering. The way browsers translate the code in a website and show it on your screens plays a major role in this regard.

  1. Your design tells users where to focus on a website

The way we read and browse content on the internet is always changing. According to a report named “How Users Read on the Web” by Nielsen Norman Group, websites that are successful have a layout that can be scanned easily and is clean. In case of these websites the usability could improve by as high as 47%. If visitors are unable to locate key information quickly then they are likely to leave your website just as quickly too!

  1. Two years could be a lot for a website

Technology is always changing at a breakneck pace and web developers are trying hard to keep up with the same. The web browsers are changing constantly and the same can also be said of the devices that are being used to access the same. This is why the ways in which websites are being designed and developed need to change at the same rate as well.

  1. What you can do with your website will be restricted by your templates

A lot of people consider website templates to be the easy way out. With the help of pre-packaged website templates, these days anyone can create a website without even knowing anything about coding. Unfortunately enough, if companies rely too heavily on these they can become less credible because these templates have excessive design elements and some bloated coding as well. There is not much else that you can do with these templates as that would look like patchwork.

  1. The codes in your website play a major role in appealing to search engines

Your website may be the most attractive website out there. However, it would not matter a zilch if there was no one to see or use it. The coding done by web development professionals ensures that it is shown on search engine result pages with respect to relevant keywords and people come and view it. This coding includes things like the title of your web pages.

  1. Videos and images can have both positive and negative effect on your website’s image

As far as a website is concerned multimedia content such as videos and images can be a strong component. However, if they are not used in the proper way they can also damage the performance of your website in a significant manner. When your video and image files are large the site or page can take a long time to open and that can mean people leave your site out of impatience.

  1. It can take anywhere between $500 to $5000 to design a good website

A recent infographic on pricing of website by Incion shows that designing a proper website can cost you anywhere between $500 and $5000. The price is decided upon the basis of number of hours needed to complete the task as well as the amount of manpower for the same. There is other important work such as making sure that the site is ready for the search engines and content can be accessed on all browsers. You would also be surprised to know that mobile web design and responsive web design are two different concepts.