How And Who The Google Update Impact The Most?

How And Who The Google Update Impact The Most?

The latest Google algorithm update, called the Medic Update, has rolled out at the beginning of August and ever since then it has affected the lives of many website and business owners all across the world. Google has mainly described this update as something that is meant for a broader base of websites. In other words, it is a core update that is going to impact many business websites across the world. However, most of the analysis that has been done so far suggests that this update has mostly affected the medical and health sites. Another group of websites that have been deeply affected by this update is the YMYL websites or Your Money Your Life websites.

However, the truth is that there are also a lot of websites that cannot be categorized into either of these two groups of sites. When asked about this, Google is mostly saying that the only way that other websites can improve their rankings is by trying to deliver a great experience and present high-quality content to the visitors so that they can have substantial value from the site. Even though the Medic Update has reported focused on the health and medical websites, this is something that the Google executives have not confirmed yet. Google has also said that there are no definite solutions or fixes for websites that are not performing well under the impact of this current update. However, there are also pages that seem to have gained a lot from the update which previously used to go more or less unnoticed.

It is therefore no wonder that plenty of website owners are somewhat alarmed as to the nature and effectiveness of this update. There are also those who have not been affected by this update yet but anticipate a drop in their Google search engine rankings. Let’s have a closer look at the various websites that are destined to be affected by this update in days to come.

  • Pages and websites that solicit different kinds of personal information, like personal identification numbers, drivers license numbers and bank account numbers that can be stolen and used for identity theft.
  • Websites and pages that are used for carrying out monetary transactions are yet another vulnerable group for this Medic Update. These websites are online platforms wherein the users reveal vital information such as credit account and bank account details. Most online shopping or ecommerce sites fall into this category since they allow the visitor to purchase something.
  • Pages and websites that offer health or medical information which can impact the physical well-being of the visitor.
  • Pages and websites offering important advice on different types of major life decisions, like pages on parenting, buying a vehicle, purchasing a home, etc.
  • Pages that offer advice on different types of life issues which can impact the future happiness and well being of a person; these websites can also offer guidance on financial matters, like pages giving financial or legal advice.

Currently there are numerous data companies and analytical websites that offer comprehensive information on the impact of the Medic Update. In many of these analytics websites, data has also been found that suggest that this new update has also influenced many websites relating to the fields of real estate and the travel and tourism industry. The SEO experts in different parts of the world are suggesting website owners to stay come and adopt certain measures that can improve the security of the websites. For instance, shifting to HTTPS from HTTP is a good way to ensure safety of information for the site visitors.