#Talent Thursdays: SEO and Positioning Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

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  • June 29, 2017

#Talent Thursdays: SEO and Positioning Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

There have been significant changes in the year 2017 targeting market products and services, which made it important to study and implement SEO for the business websites. Make the slight changes that will boost your webpage ranking.

Some trends will grow

  1. Content amassment will grow: As new apps come into play, users look for easier methods of surfing and getting information from the net. According to some studies, the surfers try to get all their information from as few sites as possible. Wiki, local, Knowledge Graph, Social media, maps, videos, images, and news make up 85% of the search results.

Content amassment is the way many blogs and news websites get all these links into one website so the searchers do not go away from their blogsite. Even private website owners are trying to cram as much information as they can into their site as they can. This means that the search engines will rank them on top of everything else.

If you need to be ranked on top of the list in the search engine results, you must use the same method. Put everything you can into your website. Make it appear neat or the search engines will avoid it altogether.

  1. Mobile market will rule: Compared to the 52% online time spent by users daily, the time they spend on their mobiles everyday is 82% or more. It is no wonder that they prefer to do more surfing on their mobiles since they need to spend less time and effort to get online. Optimising your websites ‘for all’ meaning including mobile use, will bring more users to your website. This takes little time, you merely tick the box, make it mobile friendly and the difference is you get more than double the traffic.

Keep up with changes

Get savvy about the Google algorithm changes: Google admits that it changes its algorithm almost daily but does not publish these changes publicly. You need to know the algorithm if you want your SEO to succeed. Google does not want people to know – how will it rank websites if everyone knew exactly what to do and does them? So, you need an alternate plan in place.

Get mobile friendly updates so you stay ahead of the game. Find out what is behind the search when a user comes to your site with Hummingbird. The literal words may not give you all the information. Integrate local search results like Google Maps with apps such as Pigeon. You can get the lowdown on spammers- people who buy unnatural links to boost their ranking by using Penguin.

Get news about your search ranking

Whether your site is new or an old one, you need to know where you stand currently. Luckily, you can use many tools to do this. It will help you find whether you did the right thing or whether your change is not adequate. Here are the tools:

  • SERPs.com: Type the keywords you use for the blog post.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: Tells you how fast your site is loading. The conversion drops by as much as seven times if the speed decreases from one second to four seconds.
  • Rigor.com: Analyses your webpage for more than 250 common defects. This helps speed up your site.
  • WebPageTest.com: This helps you compare URLs using common browsers.

Beat the beat and the crowd. Keep your website on top with the above changes.FacebookTwitterEmailShare