SEO Methods for 2013 – Part 2

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  • August 22, 2015

SEO Methods for 2013 – Part 2

In my previous blog post, I had discussed about the SEO methods for 2013 – Part 1. In this part 2 section of SEO methods I would like to explain about SEO and SMM strategy which provides effective traffic and quality backlinks for the website.

SlideShare Presentations

SlideShare is prominent these days. Top sites feature it as a easy way to do off-page SEO and gain traffic repeatedly. All you need is PowerPoint Presentation making based on the products or services which company provides.

Assuming that you can make quite an impressive presentation and push it by way of your blog(s) and visitor post regarding the benefits of SlideShare marketing on blogs, you can increase the off-page SEO growth effectively.

Quality Blog Engagement

Nowadays you find lot of website owners publishing list of blogs with the dynamic CommentLuv plugin. The purpose behind its prominence is its part in link building, which is the primary focus for off-page SEO.

Even if you contribute ten real opinionated discussions on CommentLuv enabled blogs day by day for 30 days, it is going to improve search visibility. More than search engines, you will get new traffic and viewer engagement.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the largest video sharing site, with most traffic and millions of queries. Many hours of videos uploads every day, you need to maximize on this opportunity. YouTube is definitive place for getting your videos published and marketed on.

All you need to do is create a free YouTube account and upload the video. Video can be stretched out however depending on how you are trying to make it to the home page (top favourites, top views, top comments etc.)

Build a Facebook Group

Why Facebook? It is the most effective way in terms of making an online community. A lot of blog owners have a Facebook Group to share new content, interacts with new traffic and coordinate with different bloggers.

You can include associates and leave it open for anybody to join. Link it back to your site and try to keep it engaged.

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