SEO Techniques for 2013

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  • August 22, 2015

SEO Techniques for 2013

New Year has come up with new pledges and technologies. It is a big year for all the Search Engine Optimizers to re-plan the present strategies to get better results in Search Engines. SEO has changed a lot in the past few decades and more changes & updates from Search engines are expected in this year 2013.

SEO Methods for 2013 – Part 1

Content Curation

Content marketing has been changed by content curation. It is a new way for promoting articles; using the existing articles rather than developing new ones. It saves time and gives better results


Information Graphics stands for Infographics. Website owners and online promoters are utilising this creatively highly effective backlink building technique to build links to their website. The concept is simply explains any topic with design and written text using any of the several picture development applications or Infographics development software. People might use these Infographics by clicking on the embed link and you will get backlinks to your website.

Guest Posting

Approaching other website owners and informing them about your skills to be able to create and publish posts. Only certified writers; particularly market professionals get the complete value of visitor content along with a back-link to their website.

Optimising for Mobile

A trend has been seen; mobile traffic has increased significantly over the past two years. You need to optimise your site for mobile audience to get mobile traffic diverted to your site without increasing the bounce rate.

Mobile Apps Optimisation

2013 is the year where SEO services would be needed to rank mobile applications along with websites. Hence, concentrating on ranking a mobile app becomes important. A mobile app can be rated by improving various alerts like number of reviews, number of downloads and existence of the app on other app directories.

We will be discussing the SEO methods for 2013 – Part 2 in my next blog. Please feel free to contact us for implementing 2013 SEO strategy for your website and professional designers to create Infographics for getting quality back links.