SEO and PPC! What are they?

SEO and PPC! What are they?

Understanding how Search Engine Optimisation and PPC affect your website

If you want to look for a green colour scarf what would you do first? Google it? Imagine one of your customers, wants to find a product or service you are looking for, you need to target them. Otherwise you will lose them quickly to your competitor. Here comes to usage of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it helps you target certain keywords, which are specific to your products or services.

Keywords are very important; they are the most integral part of Search Engine Optimisation. Increase in rank on a search engine website, helps in getting targeted better, so that traffic on the website increases, which raises sales on a website.

Increase in sale is possible if the landing page is correct on a website. Now take the example of the green scarf, you land up on a page, and it doesn’t show you a scarf it shows you a signup page, you are going to lose traffic here. Show a sample of the product after which, let the customer decide if he or she wants the product or service.

Pay per click ads [PPC] these are ads that are added on a search engines for a particular keywords. The difference with this form of an ad is that, when a person clicks it the company is charged, as the title suggests pay per click. These ads are highly advantageous, but at the same time it is risky, the landing page needs to be correct, so that there is higher conversion rate and lower cost per click.

Amazon is a popular website – the price of the product is given and a link is provided so that you can either view it or buy it. Competing brands are also shown, so you need to target your keywords better, so that they can buy your product.

So this is why you need to understand that SEM is important for your website if you want customers to visit it and buy your products.FacebookTwitterEmailShare