Simple Link Building Tactics

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  • August 22, 2015

Simple Link Building Tactics

Link building is a technique of building the website authority and higher rank by establishing relevant inbound links pointing to your website. In simple terms link building is a sign post pointing to your website. More the quality relevant inbound links pointing to your website, more likely to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Search engines while indexing give more importance to the relevance & the trust of the website from which the link is pointing. It is not the quantity of the links pointing to your website that helps your website rank better but rather the quality of those links.

Link building not only helps in creating traffic it also creates awareness and visibility of your website, along with maximising search engine exposure and driving targeted traffic to your website.

Few link building tactics used by search engine optimisation community are:

Directory submission

It is a basic step taken to improve the link popularity of your website. Directory submission can be done be adding your website to a web directory along with other details of your website to the most appropriate category.

Social Bookmarking

In social bookmarking, you will be linking the most popular pages of your websites to the social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking websites allow you to create, store and share link with the other users of the social bookmarking site. You can assign tags to the links, so that when someone searches for the term that seems like your tag; the listing under those tags often appears in search result page.

Press Release

It is an announcement made to the media about the launch of a product or service. It creates awareness among the people about the existence of your website.

Article Writing and Submission

It is one of the oldest and popular link building method. It refers to writing articles relevant to your website and submitting them to the popular article submission directories. The article can carry couple of links for your website.

Blog Commenting

It is a strategy in which you comment on a certain article or blog expressing your thoughts and opinion on a topic related to your website. It also allows you to post the link of your website that would help increase the traffic of your website.

Along with this Profile creation, forum participation, anchor text, creating blogs are also some of the important strategies of link building.

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