The Rise of Digital Marketing: New Height of Success

The Rise of Digital Marketing: New Height of Success

Digital marketing is going to attain increasing importance in 2017 and beyond. This is so because the online world is gradually becoming a small place and more people are choosing now to buy their goods online than ever before. Ecommerce and online shopping becoming a common thing and more people are choosing to get their products by carrying out their research online. This is naturally encouraging business firms to put more emphasis on digital marketing methods that can help them to draw in more customers.

It has been observed that about 94% of all digital professionals strongly believe that personalization is vital to ensure success in the digital realm. Personalized content has been found to perform 42% better than the standard non-personalized forms of content. Moreover, marketers who consistently deliver high quality personalized web experience to their customers are getting a great response in terms of marketing performance and returns.

Here are some of the digital marketing practices that we are likely to see gain prominence in the coming months.

Combining SEO with Content Conversion

Most companies include a strong conversation strategy when they are working on their SEO campaigns. Over the years, these two functions have come together at a major point of conversion. Most of the digital marketing experts believe that search engine optimization and content have literally become a single function by becoming integrated into one another. Such a marriage between SEO and content marketing influences the content performance metrics used by digital marketers, i.e. conversions, traffic and engagement.

Here is how SEO and effective content conversion strategy can be leveraged:

  • SEO data can be used to discover how the prospective consumers engage with the site’s content. The data can be used for identifying the things that generate interest among the customers and encourage them to make purchase decisions.
  • Customer analysis should be carried out on a regular basis since the interests of the prospects can change quickly.
  • Customers engage differently with the different forms of content across the multiple devices and channels. Special attention should be given to study such varying customer behavior.
  • The marketing team should work on setting realistic and achievable goals to achieve with their content strategy that should include increasing brand awareness and conversions.

Video marketing

It has been found that a well made video can capture the attention of the prospective customers like no other. Digital marketing experts believe that a video is worth a million words. Therefore a well constructed video can communicate the message of a business effectively within a matter of minutes. It is believed that by the year 2019, video is going to represent nearly 80% of the whole of internet traffic.

How to effectively leverage video marketing:

  • Expand your video production to meet your ROI target.
  • Experiment with a wide range of subject matters and duration lengths for your videos.
  • Make sure that the content of the videos is perfectly in line with brand strategy of your company.
  • Enhance the SEO of your videos by optimizing the landing pages.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is going to be extremely important in the coming months and years, particularly for the B2B companies. Social media networks will help in brand messaging and facilitate intuitive interactions that in turn can boost online brand promotion.

Leveraging social media marketing:

  • Determine the social media channels that are ideal for the kind of business firm that you own.
  • Detect the channels where your target customers are likely to visit the most.
  • Observe onsite behavior of the prospective customers associated with a particular social media marketing network