Mistakes You Should Avoid In SEO

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  • August 22, 2015

Mistakes You Should Avoid In SEO

Most of the times we are so busy optimising our websites that we end up doing silly mistakes and miss out on the page rank. Now as the times are changing and many new updates are coming in, link building is not just building links for your website it is a way to build relationship to a website.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Poor quality: Poor quality content doesn’t do any good to your website. Poor quality can refer to sloppy grammar, wrong niche, and bad presentation of the website.

Always invest some time for your website and recheck the website.

Duplicate content: Duplicating content is the biggest mistake we can do. In simple terms it is copying the content from other websites and pasting it in our website. Having duplicated content on your website can be detected by Google & it’s considered as spam. Google may end up delisting your website.

Duplicate content can be avoided by consulting a variety of sources and then writing by adding your own experience and opinions to make the content unique. Always test your content before publishing. You can run your content in plagiarism checker.

Meta tag: Meta tags play an important role in increasing your website SERPs. Always it’s better to use the keyword in the title & Meta description of the website. At times we end up leaving title tags automated. Title tags should always be kept short (60 characters). Titles can be written by adding the keywords of the webpage.

Buying links: Most of us think that by buying high PR links the page rank of their website can be easily & quickly increased. It’s just a Myth. It is risky as Google search engine experts can flag the paid links.

Other simple mistakes can be very generic description for the website, broken 404 pages, and not updating the site map.

Search engine optimisation is not a single day process. Patience and persistence is the key to increase your SERP. Avoiding irrelevant back links and concentrating on building website relationship along with adding relevant content would help your website grow.

To avoid SEO mistakes or to grow high page rank for your website. Please feel free to contact us.