Page Rank and its Affects on SERP Ranking

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  • August 22, 2015

Page Rank and its Affects on SERP Ranking

In this post I am going to discuss about Pagerank(PR) and its influence on SERP’s(Search Engine Result Page) Ranking. It has been stated numerous times that PR of a page does not impact its Ranking in Search Engine Results Page, but I have seen so many SEO Newbie who still thinks PR affects SERP’s. So I have composed this post to clear everything in regards to PR and SERP standing of a Web Page. Before going to the topic let me describe little about Page Rank and SERP Ranking.

Page Rank – A page PR is dependent upon the Quantity and Quality of all its backlinks.

SERP Ranking – A page SERP position is based on the backlinks targeting a keyword.

Since this topic still seems to be so misunderstood, one can ask from above definition that on one hand I am saying that PR is not important in your rankings and on the other, PR is dependent on the quantity and quality (PR) of backlinks linking back to your site. So how I can say that your page PR does not have any influence on your SERPs?

To understand this better let consider an example:-

Suppose you got 1 backlink per keyword for 100 keywords. Depending on the quality of those backlinks you could potentially end up with a high PR site. But since you only have 1 backlink per keyword so your high PR site won”t rank for any keywords at all. You could have a very high PR site that never shows up in the SERP for any keywords at all.

On the other hand you got 100 backlinks for 1 keyword. Depending on the keyword you could end up with the #1 SERP position for that keyword, but your site would still be a PR0. The other sites on that SERP page could even be PR6, PR7, or even PR9 and maybe untouchable for other keywords, but your site could be better targeted for that particular keyword.

So anyway… The answer to above question is that the two factors, (PR of your site and SERP position), are not connected, except in the sense that both are caused by the same factor (which is the Quantity and Quality of the Backlinks).

So, you should better work on back linking your site from high PR site instead of improving your PR.

Let Consider an another example for even better understanding about this two misunderstood words:-

So lets say your website has the following backlinks to it:

keyword 1 = 1000 backlink
keyword 2 = 1000 backlink

Now the PR will be based on the total 2000 back links, but its position for any particular keyword in SERP will still be based on only 1000 back links.

If you create another 1000 backlinks for “keyword 3” then there will be a positive effect on the PR of the site, which now has a total 3000 backlinks. But it won”t affect it”s position in the SERP for keywords 1 and Keyword 2.

Conclusion– The SERP position isn”t affecting your sites PR, and your sites PR is not causing the SERP position. It just happens that they are both affected by the same factor, (which is the quantity and quality of the backlinks).

So that”s why the PR of your own site doesn”t matter as far as ranking in the SERPs.

Obviously! there are different components influencing your SERP’s, but this post is just for observing PR and Backlinks.

The point in this blog post is to explain specifically the relationship between how PR and backlinks affect ranking in the SERPs. Things are so interrelated in SEO that it is easy for people to get confused about how things work. Sometimes you have to stick to a specific thing so people can understand the basics. Once they get that part, then how the other parts are related can be explained later and start making more sense as well.

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